Completed projects at CTR

The following are a number of completed projects from the past years. Their reports and publications can be found under publications.

  • BusMEZZO Further development of the dynamic transit assignment model, first developed in the DYMOBUS project
  • RETT3 Public Transport Field Trial (funded by SL, 2012). This project applies results from the DYMOBUS project and the RETT2 field trial to improve the regularity of high-frequency buses in a field trial in Stockholm.
  • MEMFIS (funded by Trafikverket) Modelling impacts of Heavy Goods Vehicles in Cities
  • RuTSim Rural Traffic Simulation.
  • CityMove Performance estimation of urban goods delivery vehicles.
  • ecoDriver Simulation-based evaluation of eco driver-support systems.
  • DEPEND Development of a research and evaluation platform for environment-related driver assistance systems
  • METKAP Methods and tools for transport capacity analyses.
  • Cooperative Systems Simulation-based analysis of cooperative transport systems
  • Pedestrian Simulation Modelling and simulation of pedestrian movements
  • Public Transport Interchange Stations Simulation-based design and evaluation of passenger transfer points
  • STTP (funded by Stockholms Stad) Development of filtering and estimation algorithms for AVI travel time measurements in Stockholm.
  • MODENA (funded by Energimyndigheten) Modeling of Transport Emission and Energy Consumption using A Distributed Simulation Platform.
  • WHUTLink (funded by Vetenskapsrådet) Traffic simulation for sustainable transportation: a research link with WHUT, CHINA.
  • DYMOBUS (funded by VINNOVA, 2007-2011). Dynamic modelling of Bus and Car traffic. Development of methods to model the both car and bus traffic on mesoscopic level, and especially their interactions.
  • RETT2 (funded by SL, 2011-2012). This project applied results from the DYMOBUS project to improve the regularity of high-frequency buses in a field trial in Stockholm.
  • PREDIKT (funded by Vägverket 2005-2010). Short-term prediction of travel times and route choice after incidents.
  • SILVESTER (funded by VINNOVA and Vägverket) Simulatoin of choice between starting times and routes.
  • DORIS (funded by VINNOVA) The project DORIS aims to develop mathematical methods for optimisation of road charging system with respect to system costs and implementation of the methods for a large road network. In addtion, the project aims to implement departure time choice in the regional transport model T/RIM.

Simulation tools for evaluation of ITS and driver assistance systems
In this project, tools that can be used to analyse and evaluate changes in the road traffic system were developed. The project consisted of two parts: In one sub-project, models were developed for simulating the surrounding traffic in a driving simulator. In the other sub-project, models were developed for simulating traffic including vehicles fitted with driver assistance systems. Contacts: Johan Olstam and Andreas Tapani

TRUT- Effects and search costs of traffic information. The project aims at studying the value and searchcosts of travel information to travelers (time, effort, money), regarding strategic and tactical travel decisions. CTR develops an experimental study of dynamic travel choices. CTR cooperates in the project with WSP Group and MOVEA. Finished Dec 2007. Project leader: Gunnar Lind, MOVEA Project members:

  • Anders Lindkvist, MOVEA
  • Johanna Dillen, WSP Group
  • Ingmar Andreasson, CTR
  • Wilco Burghout, CTR
  • Ryan Avery, CTR

ZOOM - Integrating microscopic and mesoscopic simulation models for traffic simulation. Funded by VINNOVA with 2 MSEK for 4 years. Finished Dec 2004.

Project leader: Ingmar Andreasson
Project members: Wilco Burghout

SIMLAB - Laboratory for traffic simulation. Funded by SNRA with 2 MSEK. Installation, calibration and validation of simulation models - commercial and developed by CTR. Integration of mesoscopic and microscopic models for traffic on freeways, urban streets and motorways. Finished 2007

Project leader: Ingmar Andreasson
Project members: Xiaoliang Ma

DYNAMO - Individual dynamic route choice. Development of mixed-logit models for en-route path changes based on on-line information. Funded by VINNOVA with 2MSEK during 4 years. Finished 2003.

Project leader: Leonid Engelson

EVITA - Effects of future Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) on safety. The project uses data collected in the current ISA pilot projects to extrapolate the test results using traffic simulations, in order to predict the effects of different participation rates of ISA on traffic safety. Funded by SNRA with 0.5 MSEK. Finished 2004.

Project leader: Leonid Engelson
Project members: Xiaoliang Ma, Gunnar Lind and Ingmar Andreasson

TRAFINFO - Stability of network flow equilibria under dynamic traffic information. Development of criteria of stability of equilibria in traffic networks with dynamic traffic information, and of constraints under which variations in network flows will return to equilibrium. Funded by VINNOVA with 0.8 MSEK. Finished 2005

Project leader: Leonid Engelson

SINDI - Safety Indicators. Assessing the safety effects of ITS (Primarily ISA). Funded by VINNOVA with 4,8 MSEK over 5 years. Finished 2005

Project leader: Gunnar Lind
Behavioral Part Katja Vogel, Lena Nilsson - VTI
Simulation Part Jeffery Archer, Iisakki Kosonen - KTH

TPMA - Traffic Performance on Major Arterials Funded by SNRA with 15 MSEK over 5 years Analysis of capacity, flows and delays on motorway links, ramps and weavin sections. Finished 2002

Sub-project macro-relations is led by Arne Carlsson.
Project members: Hans-Åke Cedersund and others.

Sub-projekt micromodels is led by Fredrik Davidson
Project Members: Iisakki Kosonen, Andrzej Gutowski and others

MITSIMLab for Stockholm - Calibration and validation of MITSIMLab on part of Stockholms major arterial network (Brunnsviken). Funded by the Stockholm Road Autorities (GFK) with 0.8 MSEK over 1 year. Finished 2002

Project leader: Ingmar Andréasson
Project members: Wilco Burghout

DYMO - Test of dynamic microscopic traffic simulation models with focus on capabilities to model ITS. Funded by VINNOVA with 1.7 MSEK over 2 years. (CONTRAM, AIMSUN2, CORSIM, INTEGRATION and METACOR) Finished 2001

Project leaders: Gunnar Lind and Corinne Braban-Ledoux (METACOR).
Project members: Fredrik Davidsson, Kristina Schmidt (Transek), Björn Hugosson (Transek) and Eugene Merritt.

Simulation of traffic at road juctions - Funded by VINNOVA and SNRA with 1.5 MSEK, resp. 0.4 MSEK over 2,5 years. Development of simulation model primarily for unsignalized three-way intersections. Integration with existing simulation model for two-lane rural motorways. Finished 2003.

Project leader: Carl-Gustav Wallman
Project members: Per Strömgren

Information technology in road traffic and drivers' behaviour - The purpose is to formulate conditions for traffic information and dynamic guidance systems to smooth variations in the traffic. Research grant from VINNOVA for 0,8 MSEK over 2 years.

Project leader: Leonid Engelson